Framing of the Surroundings

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The task consisted in selecting a situation, a place or an object in the selected area of the map and preparing the documentation. The team focused on finding as many criteria, meanings and references as possible in the selected space; a place to view and crop the selected situation was selected. The object indicates that the city’s traffic and energy avoid the central point of the square. Paper sashes placed on a vibrating rod move in the wind and in the momentum of air caused by traffic; the installation was spaced to indicate the main axis of the church building.

Framing of the Surroundings
(co-authors: Marta Kotkowska, Ewelina Kaczmarska)
October 2017
Wood, metal, paper
The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw; Faculty of Design; Design Basics 1; 1st term, winter semester 2017/2018; Tomasz Januszewski, Jerzy Wojtasik, Andrzej Rozycki

White to Black: a Space-Time Composition in a Rotational Movement

Sculpture, Student Projects, Video

KocikR_R1_2018_1_Od bieli do czerni_M02KocikR_R1_2018_1_Od bieli do czerni_M05.jpgKocikR_R1_2018_1_Od bieli do czerni_M06.jpgKocikR_R1_2018_1_Od bieli do czerni_M03The task was to create a complex spatial arrangement from elements: planes, curvature of bends, perforations, etc. and values: white and black. Transformations of the system (observed in the frame) should follow the shape of the spatial layout.

From White to Black
December 2017
Cardboard, adhesive; 40 cm in diameter
The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw; Faculty of Design; Sculpture and Drawing R1; 1st term, winter semester 2017/2018;
Prof. Grzegorz Kowalski, Ewa Śmigielska MA