White to Black: a Space-Time Composition in a Rotational Movement

Sculpture, Student Projects, Video

KocikR_R1_2018_1_Od bieli do czerni_M02KocikR_R1_2018_1_Od bieli do czerni_M05.jpgKocikR_R1_2018_1_Od bieli do czerni_M06.jpgKocikR_R1_2018_1_Od bieli do czerni_M03The task was to create a complex spatial arrangement from elements: planes, curvature of bends, perforations, etc. and values: white and black. Transformations of the system (observed in the frame) should follow the shape of the spatial layout.

From White to Black
December 2017
Cardboard, adhesive; 40 cm in diameter
The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw; Faculty of Design; Sculpture and Drawing R1; 1st term, winter semester 2017/2018;
Prof. Grzegorz Kowalski, Ewa Śmigielska MA